Living in Mumbai has it’s own set of advantages & disadvantages. On one hand, you get to experience summer all year & on the other hand, you don’t get to wear winter clothes. The only time i get to wear trench coats or boots is when i travel. Honestly, i barely own any thick jackets / boots as i don’t find the need to.

Having said that, i never lose the chance to wear winter clothes when i travel. While i was up in the hills last week, i merrily packed all my winter clothes ready to face the cold air. Armoured with thick sweaters, jackets & boots, i knew that the Mumbai girl in me would be able to tolerate the cold. One of the jackets that i was most excited to wear is this Fuschia coloured one. It’s almost like a pop of colour on a cold winter morning.  Not just that, it matched some of  the flowers around the area where we stayed.

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Jacket: Benetton

Photography: Vishal Hazare | Concept/Styling & Editing: Gia Kashyap | Location: Anant Rasa