The next member to join the 100 Cr. Club is the hashtag which looks like as if it’s ogling at you – #OOTD (Outfit of the day). While the world is obsessed with this hashtag and posing all sort of pictures, here are 5 ways in which you can makes yours out stand the others.


  1. Let there be light!

Natural lighting is one of the most important factor while taking those OOTDs. So open those windows and doors or click that photo outdoors next time you want to take one.

  1. Know your angle

As Monica once said, the camera adds 10 pounds but your angle and postures can make a lot of difference. Don’t slouch your shoulders, keep your chin parallel to the ground and never let your arm be the first thing exposed to the camera.


  1. The art of minimalism

If your accessory is the highlight of the day then let it do the talking. Always have your focus on that one object which is giving the oomph factor. This will help provide more depth and character to your OOTDs.


  1. Count on a friend

No, not the friend who owns a DSLR but the one who can take decent picture and knows how to use the back camera of a phone. This way you can take pictures without the phone obstructing your outfit and stealing the focus and also have better quality pictures than those taken in a mirror or with the help of a front camera.


  1. Pick your pictures right!

Well, we all love our plain white t’s and ripped jeans but posting a picture every time you wear one would just be plain boring. Posting them every other day will not help your case either. Pick them right and pick the wise. And one way to ensure that you only post the crème is when you find yourself looking in the mirror 5 seconds too long then the usual.


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So what’s your OOTD?