A graphic T-shirt is like the holy grail of anyone’s wardrobe. You can speak volumes through one without even opening your mouth. What’s best is that they come with their own little cheeky personalities. Everyone has a couple of these lying around for those busy morning when you want to just throw something on and head out.



Here’s 3 little looks to get creative with a Graphic T-shirt:

  1. Off Duty Model: This is the most street style chic way of wearing a graphic T-shirt. Denim looks as good as it is comfortable so throw on a denim jacket over your T-shirt. It’ll be best if you get an oversized jacket and then pair it with fun sneakers or a pair of slip-ons for that almost sporty look. This is the ideal effortless weekend outfit because it’s so simple.


  1. Polished Pretty: Graphic T-shirts are essentially not super feminine and it goes so well to balancing out a super pretty skirt. Pair it with a mid-length flare skirt and statement jewellery and you have a perfect cool girl date outfit. You can also go for a floral skirt and stilettos if you’re feeling fancy or perhaps a leather skirt for a fun night out.


  1. Subtly Androgyny: Take one step ahead and really turn things around by wearing your T-shirt under a pantsuit. This is coolest look of the moment because gender neutral fashion is all the rage lately. The best part is that now you can officially wear a T-shirt as a work appropriate outfit and take this look straight from day to night with a perfect pair of heels.


You can buy your T-shirt from your favourite fashion label or from the streets, maybe even your favourite band, it doesn’t matter if you just style it right. Graphic T-shirts have been all over the place right from the runway to the streets and that’s simply because of their versatility, comfort and of course, the power to literally speak with your clothes.