Fashion month may have ended for the western world with the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week just last week but it’s only just begun for the rest of us in India. The Amazon India Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2017 is beginning from 12th October in Delhi and it is time for us to put our fancy shoes on and get to business.

Here are few tips to survive fashion week like a pro:

  1. Be Organised: If there’s one week you get your organization game on top for, let it be this one. You need to prioritise and keep a jotted down schedule for everything. Get a pretty planner or do it on your favourite app but you have to do it!
  2. Charged & Ready: You will be using your camera and phone all through the day and there’s no way you would find a plug point on venue. So keep things charged and running. I would recommend buying a portable charger if you don’t want to be stranded!
  3. Plan your Outfit: If you want to bring your best style game, you need put together outfits in advance. This way you can make sure everything fits well and there’s no unrequited surprises in the morning.
  4. Prep your Skin: You won’t have time to make salon appointments this week so get your skin glowing and pampered beforehand. Your face will thank you for it when you’re running and pulling consecutive long nights in the coming week.
  5. Stay Hydrated: I can’t stress this enough because it’s so easy to forget. Carry a fancy bottle if you have to but don’t forget to drink water and eat well in between shows. Take care of yourself and keep the headaches and fatigue at bay.

The last thing is to stay calm and be prepared for anything. Fashion is a spontaneous business and things are always changing last minute so do your breathing exercises and wear comfortable shoes. It may be a crazy week but you should enjoy every bit of it while it lasts because trust me, it will fly by in a jiffy!

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