How many times has this happen that when you see a person without kajal, you end up asking her that is she is well or not?! Well, that’s the beauty of kohl. One of the most important item in your bag also happens to be the most earliest recorded items in the history of makeup. From Cleopatra to Pharoans every woman has been a fan of kohl. This Egyptian obsession spread like a wildfire through middle-East and Africa and Asia. The west became a fan of it when Brigitte Bardot wore those mesmerising smudged lower line with an absurdly bold thick liner in the 1960’s. In India, the first makeup item that we girls use is our mother’s kajal. We can hardly ever imagine leaving our house without those black waterlines.

But often as the day comes towards the end, our kajal is either half gone or spreads under our lower lashes and makes us look like a zombie. Especially, if one has oily skin it gets all creasy and messy.

Well not anymore; we have the best hacks to keep those eyes all smokey and kohled all day long.

  1. For starters: Make sure that your kajal is waterproof and dermatologically tested, such as Lakme eyeconic kajal lakme-eyeconic-kajal
  2. Set it up: One of the ways to ensure that your kajal stays intact is using a translucent powder. If you have oily skin this will also keep your oil at bay and give you a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow or concealer. Apply your kajal first on the water line in thin strokes and then make it bolder as per your liking. After applying you favourite kajal apply a little translucent powder and leave it there for couple of minutes. Wipe of the access with a clean concealer brush and voila! You are good to go.
  3. Smudge it out: Another way to keep those eye all seductive and ambrosial is my smudging it up with some black eyeshadow. After applying your kajal on your lower lash line with a flat shader brush apply some black eyeshadow on top of it. Then blend it with your kajal in a to and fro motion to create a sultry look. This Kind makes your eyes intense and is also a quick way for those days when you just want your eyes to do the talking. dont-let-your-kajal-spread

They say a little bit can go a long way. What’s your take on these little tips?

Photos: Gia Kashyap