A short hair style is our generation’s solution to all hair problems. Have dandruff? Cut those beautiful locks short. Face trouble while washing long hair? Chop off those lovely tresses. Does your hair get matted owing to the weather? Mom’s best solution is to go for a shorter hair style because it is so much easier to maintain! If you’re someone who would rather jump off a building than shorten the length of your hair, this article is specially written for you. Check out these easy-peasy solutions to detangle matted hair-

  • Deep conditioning

If your hair is too stubborn and doesn’t untangle easily with ordinary conditioners, it’s time to resort to something stronger. Coconut oil and Olive oil work wonders on hair since the beginning of time and it’s never too late to put to use these age-old solutions passed by our great grandmothers. Not many like applying oil to their hair. If you’re one of those, try a hair detangling spray. But the more natural the route you take, the better. Another tip, try detangling hair with wide tooth comb after you apply the conditioner. This would make getting rid of knots super simple!


  • Strong combing

Forego your dainty brushes if you’re facing the problem of severely matted hair. It’s time to take in hand wide-toothed combs as fine combs and brushes face too much resistance in the face of major tangles. Also, always comb matted hair starting with small chunks in the bottom and work your way to the top. In order to avoid pain, hold your hair in one hand and run the comb in it with another.


  • Mineral oil to the rescue

Once you have washed your hair with a deep conditioner and then untangled it with strong combing, using a leave-in conditioner is the next step. Take a small amount of mineral oil and mix it with your leave in conditioner and apply it wherever there are tangles remaining.


Prevention is always better than cure and that goes for your hair too. Trimming your hair regularly will prevent it from getting majorly matted and you won’t have to chop it all off in the