I recently traveled to Agra & the trip was way better than i expected. It’s always nice to leave behind the city life for something new & unexpected. Tomorrow i will be visiting Delhi yet again but this time i will be going to the mountains. No, not going to climb the Himalayas but will be going to Uttarakhand. Quite excited about this trip as it’s going to be an offbeat one unlike my previous travel. You can join me on Snapchat or Instagram for more updates!

Wanted to share this post that we shot a few months back. I absolutely love this red dress from Boohoo as it fits like a glove. Unlike other dresses, the fabric of this one is as smooth as silk. In the end, i am all about how a piece of clothing feels more than the way it looks.


img_6208 img_6197 img_6212

Dress: Boohoo

Photos: Tinkesh A Photography | Location: Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai