Family trips are fun when you’re in a big group, isn’t it? So last weekend 6 of us decided go on a quick trip to Lonavala. If you’re in Mumbai, I am sure you have been to Lonavala. This famous spot sees a number Mumbaikers flock during the weekend as it’s not more than 2-3 hours by road from the city. The best time to visit Lonavala is during monsoon. Hence, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! We took our new Renault Lodgy World edition that was given to me for testing and rode it all the way there.





When we go on such trips, we usually take 2 cars to accommodate all the people. But with Lodgy, we didn’t have to. I am sure it could fit 8 or more passengers. Lodgy’s 2nd and 3rd row seats with 60:40 and 50:50 split respectively, have been thoughtfully crafted to add versatility to the cabin space. Hence, there’s ample amount of space available in the car.

Let me tell you one little fact about my Mom – she doesn’t like long drives as it gives her a back ache. However, LODGY’s suspension was so good that none of the bumps or pot holes on the road bothered her / us. I was actually surprised at how comfortable we felt throughout our journey although the roads were not perfect. Once we reached the Mumbai-Pune expressway, it was a smooth ride anyway! I also noticed that the Renault Lodgy has ample amount of leg space. I am not particularly a tall person, but even I felt the difference.

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Moving on, We first went to Mc donalds to grab some quick breakfast and then drove towards our main destination. Needless to say, the fog around the mountains and the waterfalls made us want to halt a number of times on the way to Lonavala. Our first destination was Tungarli lake –which is a serene & an offbeat spot for anyone visiting this side of Maharashtra. It almost felt so magical to look at the fog settle down on the lake.

Next top – Lunch! We went to the well-known Fariyas Resort for the same. After a delicious & heavy meal, we couldn’t help ourselves but go all the way to Tiger point. Tiger point is one of the most famous spots in Lonavala. Although it seemed too “touristy”, I wanted to give it a shot. We climbed steep slopes to reach this destination but thanks to Lodgy’s pickup that we didn’t feel a thing! It was as smooth as butter.

Once we reached our destination, we were surrounded by fog to the point that we couldn’t see each other clearly.


During such trips, we tend to overuse our phones to use the map, click photos / shoot videos or even search for places to see around that area which means the phone battery is going to get exhausted in no time. However, thanks to Lodgy’s 12-volt charging sockets across 2 rows for both driver and passengers, we could charge our phones in no time.


Overall, we had a blast during this trip. Thanks to Renault Lodgy for a comfortable experience!


Photos: Vishal Hazare & Gia Kashyap | Editing: Gia kashyap