I remember when i was 18 & was working on my own T-shirt brand. I didn’t have knowledge about business, not a tiny bit. All i knew was i wanted to start something that would help me to portray my creativity in the best possible way. I did start a brand & i did sell a couple of t-shirts. I felt very proud of myself as that was my first business venture. It wasn’t anything big but it was mine & that’s what mattered the most.

Fast forward to the last few years – At the age of 22, i started Paperlillie. It went really well! Imagine as a Startup with no investors or an office  & shipping 100 + orders out every single day, working a full time job & managing a blog – it wasn’t that easy but it was totally worth it. I had to bid adieu to Paperlillie after a few years (although i still miss it!) because i was advised to stop working / take less stress. Honestly, i was not stressed but supposedly if you work too much, it can affect your health. Well..my health definitely went for a toss.

Someone asked me “Why didn’t you hire a bunch of people to do your work?” Being a control freak, i like to do every single work on the blog. It’s been 6 years since i started giasaysthat.com but i still make sure to edit my own photos / videos and write most my stories. It’s not because i can’t hire, it’s just because i don’t want the quality to suffer. For example – i hired someone all the way from Slovenia to design/edit my website. I am extremely choosy about things i do / people i choose to work with in my life. That’s just me & that’s how i have always been. Until i find the right person, i wouldn’t want to invest in something that would affect the blog & my readers in the long run. Quality > Quantity 

A few months back, i moved to a Work studio. ( i wouldn’t call it an “Office” because it isn’t + the word “Office” sounds terribly boring!) You would have seen glimpses of it on my Snapchat. My snapchat familia knows all about it! However, to those who don’t – Tadaaah- Here it is! Let me tell you a back story about this place – I have been wanting a studio since the past 2 years but due to a certain delay i couldn’t get one. It takes lot of time to find the “Perfect” space. Most of the places i was shown were dark & without any natural light. Being a positive person, i strongly believe that the environment you’re in strongly affects your work & your well-being. So one fine day, i decided to check the current place out. As soon as i entered it, i knew it was meant for me. It had ample amount of light with 3 balconies + the walls were white which made it look very radiant. What more could one ask for? I said “Yes” & got the keys in a month. I decided to decorate this place with one furniture at a time. Firstly, i started off with dreamy white curtains in all rooms as it goes well with the look of my studio. I am huge fan of minimal decor so if you ever visit my studio, you will notice that there’s barely any furniture. It’s open & spacious without any barriers. There’s one huge white table in the front room & in my room you will find  table, a clothing hanger, a bunch of drawers filled with beauty products & a huge mirror.  Not just that, i have a couple of new friends who visit every morning. Yes, the little pigeons in my window are my new “Homies”!  My favourite one is “Pablo” (named by a dear follower on Snapchat!) who always ends up in the little window above my table. Other than that, i also adopted three plants from my mom’s garden. You wouldn’t want to know their names! 😉

In the end, i wanted to create a space that would inspire me to create & add value in other people’s life. I share almost half my life on my Snapchat & on my Youtube now. You can follow me there if you have any ideas / suggestions on how i can make my studio look better.

Lastly, thanks a bunch to all my readers who have been around since the past 6-7 years. Who have been religiously reading my blog & never given up on me 🙂



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