The goodness and benefits of Neem can only be appreciated if one knows the wonders on this magical tree. For centuries, even during the time of our sages, the Neem tree has been revered for its medicinal benefits. Every part of the Neem Tree, including its leaves, twigs, bark and flowers can be used to cure many illnesses including chicken pox, arthritis, dandruff, diabetes, eczema and so many more diseases. It is for this very reason, the Neem tree is known as the ‘Villager’s Pharmacy’, as every cure can be found within its bosom.


Now think about how wonderful it is for us, sitting at home to utilize the benefits of this wonder plant by just buying it off the store. Someone took a lot of effort and research to bring a wonderful product out in the market and we can only reap the benefits.


The Himalaya Neem Face scrub is an extremely affordable product and costs as little as Rs 130 for a 100gm tube, which can easily last up to 3 months. This goodness in a tube will only enhance your face wash by getting rid of dead skin, embedded impurities and black heads. The anti bacterial properties of Neem have helped millions of young girls (and even boys for that matter) to tide over acne problems and it is great for oily skin. Unlike other natural scrubs like the apricot scrub or walnut scrubs, this Neem scrub is gentle on the skin. The scrubbing granules are mild yet effectively exfoliate the skin without leaving any blemishes. Even women having pimples can easily use this scrub. It also has a refreshing fragrance and leaves the skin feeling soft and subtle. Besides its benefits, the Himalaya Neem Face scrub is easily available in chemists, general stores, supermarkets, online or their personal stores. It’s also available in a 50 gm tube and is travel friendly



If a drawback has to be mentioned, it would only be that it may not be suited for dry skinned people. But that’s what moisturizers are for- isn’t it!

So if problem-free, clear and refreshing skin is your agenda- Himalaya Face Scrub is your answer!


Photographer: Tinkesh A. Photography