In today’s world, a lot of people or rather men assume that if you like “Dressing up” or “Makeup”, you’re unaware of anything related to technology or other aspects in a “Man’s world”. I have come across  a number of such instances where men usually ask me “Oh so you shoot & edit your videos on your own or does you boyfriend help you?” “Have you hired someone to take care of your website?” & so on. I am well aware that if i were from the opposite gender, these questions wouldn’t be pointed towards me.

There are number of social & cultural barriers that push women to never pursue a career in tech. It’s very important to encourage more women to get into the tech field / use technology for their business & abolish the stereotypes that makes it hard for women to envision herself in this industry.

Unlike the preconceived notion that “Women are not into technology or gaming”, i do both. I am fairly into technology and equally love gaming. It all started off with Ragnarok & then Counter strike & now i love playing Point Blank.  From using editing softwares to testing new camera gears, i enjoy every bit of my job.

Moving on, i tested a new camera out (which i mentioned about on my Snapchat) as i plan to purchase it. I have been using my Canon 550D for the past 5-6 years now & definitely need an upgrade. However, i cannot reveal the brand / model name just yet as i am still making up my mind. These are the results from the new camera – i hope you guys like it!



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Photography: Vishal Hazare | Editing & Styling: Gia Kashyap 

Dress: Tokyo Talkies | Shoes: H&M | Backpack: Zara