I recently opened by heart out & published something that i would have never spoken about on my Instagram page. I have been blogging for 6 + years now, but i never spoke about it. It was quite scary to feel so vulnerable online in front of number of known & unknown profiles / faces. However, i felt a sigh of relief after writing it down because that post was for every young woman who is going through a tough time. It’s for every struggling entrepreneur who is going through a bad phase.

In the end, i am just a girl in her 20s trying to make the best of the resources available to me to by spreading positivity & love. I know it sounds cheesy, but positive thinking & hard work is what kept me going. Life isn’t served on a golden platter for everyone. Most of us have to climb our way up 🙂

My story – something I have never shared in the past 6 years of Blogging. Recently, I came across a very well educated woman who commented” Fashion Blogging is for rich spoilt brats ” unaware that she was talking to a blogger. You see, i never usually talk about myself until I am asked about it. What surprised me is that not just her, a number of people think about it the same way. Well, here’s the fact – I come from a Upper middle class family. My parents are the most loving & supportive human beings I have ever come across but hey, they have been through the worst financial crisis during my childhood & college years. Hence, that made me extremely independent & a tough cookie. From the time I turned 18 until now, I have saved every penny to purchase things I need. From my Michael Kors bag to my Bata Chappal, every single thing. I still remember the day when I got my laptop at the age of 19 on EMI. It was a difficult phase but well worth it. I remember the time when I gifted my parents a tab each as my dad couldn’t use his old laptop and my mom wanted to watch cooking videos online. I still smile during the good old days when I used to buy a kajal & a compact powder as I couldn’t afford other makeup products. Today, at the age of 25, I feel like every bit of work I have put into my blog was well worth it. It was a huge risk but it’s something I am extremely passionate about. All I wanted to say was that – if you’re going through a tough phase right now, remember that you will get through it soon. Hustle & do your best ! 🌼

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