There are so many benefits of shaving that one can only wonder why a woman goes through so much pain to wax. With great products in the market designed especially for women,  shaving has only become easier and safer.

With several myths surrounding shaving busted, more and more women are relying on shaving for their daily hygiene. And why not- shaving is an inexpensive, safe and hygienic way to keep yourself clean. Also, it’s quick & easy! Not everyone has the time to visit the salon every now & then.


Here are some steps to help you get started:-

Step 1: Hydrate your skin

No matter how hurried (or worried) you are, never dry shave. Take a warm shower and let your skin soak in some moisture for a good ten minutes before a shave. Water not only moistens the skin, but it’ll also soften the hair and open up the hair follicles.


Step 2: Lather up with a good shaving gel

Avoid the temptation of using soap to lather. Soap will dry out your skin. A good shaving gel will help in keeping your skin soft and itch free. Besides helping you keep a track on the hair, a good shaving gel will also help the razor to glide smoothly thereby avoiding any potential cuts and red bumps. The ‘ Gillette satin care sensitive skin shave gel ’ is a visually soothing blue gel and smells refreshing. It first starts off as a gel and then turns into a foam. How cool is that!


Step 3: Shave with the grain

If you take a closer look, you’ll probably notice that your hair is growing in all different directions. The best way to shave is ‘with the grain’, meaning in the direction of the hair when it is down, most probably it’ll be diagonal. Going ‘against the grain’ means the razor will only cut the hair under the skin. The ‘ Gillette venus razor ’ is specially designed for soft & sensitive skin.


Step 4: Moisturize

After you shave and pat yourself dry, use a good skin moisturize or baby oil for extremely dry and sensitive skin. You can also try Coconut oil or Aloe vera to soothe your skin if its feel itchy.

And remember a good lather is half the shave and a good razor is the other half!

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