Wella is one of those hair care brands that’s been around for years now. From salons to our homes, Wella products are used both by professionals & women who’re conscious about their hair. Here’s an inside scoop – Wella came out with a new range products called EIMI which world renowned hairstylist Patrick cameron introduced me to at his meetup in Mumbai. If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.


I wasn’t allowed to talk / write about it earlier but now that i can, there’s a huge sigh of relief. The first reason was because when Patrick handed over a tiny drop of one of the EIMI products, i couldn’t stop smelling it. Yes, the fragrance of these products are beyond what you can imagine. It’s fruity & floral yet subtle. Now, let’s forget about the fragrance because that’s not  the main purpose of this review, is it?

There are a number of products under the Wella EIMI range but here are a few that i decided to try out:

Wella EIMI Perfect Me

Perfect me is a  foundation / BB Cream for your hair.  it creates a smooth surface for you to style your hair & protect your tresses from heat tools. All you need is few pumps of this product  before you style your hair & you’re good to go. You can also use this product to control any flyaways.

IMG_6182 IMG_6188

Wella EIMI Root Shoot

Honestly, i have never been a fan of hair mousse. I have always assumed that only professionals are supposed to use it & it’s of no help for women who want to style their hair at home. However, EIMI Root shoot changed my entire perspective on hair mousse. Firstly, it’s not sticky / doesn’t weight your hair down. Secondly, it gives your hair that extra lift. Who doesn’t love big voluminous hair? The EIMI Root shoot helps you get the volume you have always wanted. All you need to is spray it directly on the roots & style your hair as usual.


Wella EIMI Dry Me

I used to wash my hair almost every other day until i came across dry shampoos. Whoever invented this magical product, i would like to give them a big hug. Not only does it save time but it also makes my hair look like i just washed it. This is a blessing for girls with oily scalp!

Overall, the Wella EIMI collection is quite an innovative & advanced product range. You can check it out HERE 



IMG_6155 IMG_6157

Photographer : Shutterbug | Styling / Concept : Gia Kashyap | Makeup & Hair: Rita Rathod | Location: Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai