Mobile phones today are not just used for calls & texts. We use it to Multi task like a  super human. Other than browsing the internet, replying to emails, clicking photos, posting on social media, i use my phone to listen to music as well. Yes, it’s always good to invest in a MP4 player but i would rather have everything in one place as it saves more time.

Le Eco recently launched their new phone Le Max 2 which is already a huge hit in India. Other than it’s impeccable design, it also has one important feature that makes it stand out i.e  the company’s own standard for digital audio CDLA – Continual digital lossless audio. I tried the earphones out and was quite surprised with the results. The audio quality is quite clear & it makes a huge difference! But sadly, you cannot use the conventional 3.5 mm headphones with it.

For all the photography lovers, the Le Max 2 has a 21 Megapixel rear camera & 8 MP front camera. Not bad, eh? I tested the camera & the final images looked amazing!  As a blogger, i am constantly clicking images / shooting videos & this is one of the most vital features of a phone.

Moving on, the battery life isn’t that impressive so remember to carry your battery pack if you’re a heavy mobile phone user like me. It doesn’t last the entire day even after light-medium usage.

Overall the Le Max 2 was a delight to use but like any other phone, it has it’s own set of drawbacks.

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