Many of us are ‘guilty as charged’ for our untidy and overflowing cupboards. Some of us might as well get the title ‘world’s greatest procrastinator’. But truth be told, some of us procrastinate, only because we don’t know what to do with all the extra and old clothes that come up umpteen times whenever you have tried cleaning your cupboard. But don’t worry- help’s at hand. Here are some ideas that can help you offload all those clothes that have been lying in your cupboard for years.

Donate , Donate, Donate

What we often take for granted, many are praying for those exact same things. Every city is sprouted with orphanages and old homes who will be thrilled to have some decent clothes to wear. Google can help you find a help home closest to you. In Mumbai, you can donate to Asha Daan, Missionaries of Charity – a home for over 400 abandoned, specially-abled children, HIV-positive people and the destitute in Mumbai ( both men and women)

Hand me downs

Your favourite dress that doesn’t fit you anymore but you don’t have the heart to give it away. Well, find your favourite cousin and just release it from your cupboard. After all clothes are for wearing not for storing.

D-I-Y Innovative ideas

You may not have the motivation to clean your cupboard, but how about some craft ideas? The internet is teeming with ideas, just google and you’ll be surprised with the amount of stuff you can make with your old clothes. Right from denim bags to t-shirt quilts to framing the favourite part of your t-shirt, you’d be surprised how old clothes can be repurposed. You can even use that old dupatta to style a wrapped skirt or make those long jeans ‘summer ready’ by turning them into shorts.

Have a free clothes sale

One of the best ways to win space in your cupboard and a place in your friend’s heart is to call all your friends home and have a jumble sale of the clothes you have outsized. It’s not only a great way to bond with your friends but it’s something your friends will look back and fondly remember you, as the years go by.

Sell Online

Try selling your expensive dresses on e-bay and related sites. There is a great site where you can clean your wardrobe and earn too. With that extra money, you get to shop some more!!

Good luck on that sparkling clean cupboard!!