Finding a job is not easy, let alone a dream job. However, dream jobs differ from person to person. For some its scuba diving with sharks in Bahamas as a wild life photographer, for others it’s to be a fashion photographer or even a model. So to find that dream job, you must first have a dream, then you need courage to follow that dream and then passion to keep that dream alive. Without a dream, courage and passion, a job is just a job!

So here are a few tips to help you land that dream job:-

Find your passion

Most people let life pass by without even knowing what they are passionate about. To find your passion, look back at your life and try and find out what gave you most joy- it could be drawing, writing, fashion, photography, travelling or even numbers. Finding your passion is the first step to finding your dream job. It is important to articulate what kind of job you want.

Research companies that support your passion

Make a list of companies that support your passion. For a fashionista with a flair for writing, you can scout magazines, online sites and fashion houses. If you love drawing and fashion, you can try your hand in fashion designing or shoe designing or even accessory designing.

Get LinkedIn

A lot of talent is searched and researched on LinkedIn. Keep your profile professional with an up to date resume showcasing recommendations, accomplishments and key skills.

Make a portfolio

One of the best ways to distinguish yourself from other candidates is to make a resume designed to suit the companies needs. Back this with a portfolio of your work when called for an interview. It’s the best way to bag that job.

Positive Visualization

Believe it or not, but if you positively visualize and believe you will get that dream job- the whole universe will conspire to help you win it. Just Believe!! It Works!!

Good luck on that dream job!

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