There comes a time in every young woman’s life when you realise that it’s time to give your skin some extra care. Whether you’re an urban dweller or not, pollution can be wreaking havoc on your skin. This has a number of visible effects like pimples, blackheads, acne & so on. Hence, it’s quite vital to have a morning or a night routine where you give your skin a much-needed break.

As a child, I remember that my mom used to make a paste of fresh neem leaves to for my skin as neem has a number of skin-benefits. It can cure acne / pimples, moisturize your skin & also reduce the appearance of scars. When you live in a city like Mumbai, your skin goes through a lot. Hence, I use one of my favourite products – The Himalaya Herbals purifying Neem face pack once or twice a week to tackle any skin problems


What’s so special?

After a long day of wearing Makeup, all my skin wants to do is breathe. Once I remove my makeup, I apply Himalaya purifying Neem face pack all over the face. It just takes about 10 minutes for it to dry. Yes, I do get a tingling sensation right after I apply it but it goes away almost immediately. Once the face pack dries, I  wash it off with lukewarm water. The granules in the face pack act like a scrub & are quite helpful in exfoliating the skin to get rid of all the dirt.

After the quick 10 minute process, my skin is left looking smooth, fresh & oil-free. Not just that, this face pack also helps in preventing acne. I have noticed that whenever I use this product, I barely get any breakouts. If you have extremely dry skin, I would recommend you to use moisturizer after applying this face pack.

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Overall, if you would like to include a deep cleansing face pack in your skin care routine, you should give this one a try!

Before you make your decision, you must check this video out by Himalaya that portrays the every day struggle of young women who suffer sudden outbursts of pimples / acne.

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Photography & Styling : Gia kashyap