Trains and buses have become passé and just as travelling by airplane is a must, ensuring you have the right amount of make up on is de rigueur. That little kohl, the touch of foundation or just a subtle lip stick will go a long way in enhancing your look while you change flights after flights or even if it means looking good when you alight from that tiring 5 hour long flight.

We bring you a few beauty essentials that are a must have when you fly. Mind you, a little make up or that lingering perfume, never hurt anybody.

BB cream
Believe it or not, a BB cream is your saviour when it comes to adding a little glow to your face. Travelling could make you look dull and lifeless. It’s here where the BB cream will come to your rescue. Dab a little BB cream on your face and see it work wonders. When you alight, you could wash off your face and apply it on again. Little drops of magic.
Brand: We swear by the Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream that primes and corrects the blemishes on your skin and makes it look hydrated.

This is one beauty essential that I swear by. This can totally enhance a lady’s look. From looking drowsy to looking elegant and classy, the kohl will make you look fresh and will go a long way in enhancing your look. This is a must carry in your bag.
Brand: We love the Lakme eyeconic eye kohl which which is Smudge proof, Water proof and long lasting, stays on for a good 8 hours. The best part about this is that the kajal pencil is soft and just one stroke is enough to leave your eyes bright.

Chances are that you are sapped of energy on that long arduous flight. And the first it shows on, are your lips which tend to become dry and lifeless. More than a lip balm, a lipstick would do the trick. Choose a colour that is subtle and not in your face. A bright lipstick can make you look out of place, however, a subtle pink or a light brown or peach would make you look fresh and not dull and lifeless. This is another must have!
Lipstick brand: Desert Rose by Elizabeth Arden. It’s a lovely moisturizing lipstick that has a beautiful shimmer and is a nude lip colour. Ideal for wearing it during the day.

An integral part of your makeup is the fragrance. It’s said that a fragrance defines you. So it’s even more important to ensure that you put on a subtle light perfume. A loud perfume can be nauseating while travelling and also cause inconvenience to the co- passengers. So make the correct choice and don’t forget to slip in a small bottle in your hand bag.
Brand: Elizabeth Arden is a floral fragrance for women and perfect for wearing it during the day. Top notes are blackberry, apple, italian mandarin and green notes; middle notes are tiare flower, violet, orchid, rose and egyptian jasmine; base notes are cloves, sandalwood, amber, woody notes and white musk.