Lately i have been ignoring my closet quite a bit. If you’re like me & have been putting off organizing your closet and letting go of all the stuff you no more care to wear because it seems like a herculean task, check out these 10 tips that are sure to make your life easier. Read on.

Give it a quick sweep

Put all your out-season clothes into storage or at the back of your closet to make room for in-season items.

Trust your gut

Be generous and go with your gut feeling. Discard or donate those items that you have not worn or used in a long time.

– Decide and be firm

If you do not fit into a particular clothing or do not like the way it looks, get rid of it.

– Separate according to taste and need

Group your clothing like dresses, jeans, tees and pile them neatly at eye level keeping in mind the frequency of use.

– Keep accessories handy

Accessories like scarves, belts, trinklets should be placed on hangers so they are easy to grab during rush hour.

– Don’t ponder

Make sure to give away at once what you’ve decided to let go. This action will stop you from sneaking extra items back into your closet.

– Get a hanging laundry bag

This makes sorting of different apparel types simpler and can be carried easily to the washing machine for a wash.

Organize your shoes

Keep the sandals/shoes you wear on a daily basis at hand’s reach, while the occasionally worn ones can be tucked in an overhead space.

– Spray in sweetness

Wouldn’t you like your closet to linger with a soothing scent? If so, spray air freshener whenever you’re cleaning or dusting.

Shop wisely

This may be difficult, especially if you’re one to get influenced easily. Once your closet is functionally organized, spend a few minutes making a wish-list for future shopping.

Hope these tips come in handy the next time you plan to clear your closet! Have more to add? Tell us in the comment below.

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Jacket: Benetton | Jeans & Heels: Zara

Photography: Vishal Hazare | Editing: Gia Kashyap | Writer: Munira Rangwala