After months of planning, what if your D Day wardrobe experiences a malfunction; it’s definitely the deadliest nightmare for any bride.

You’re on cloud nine on the most special day of your life. Unfortunately, nothing can bring you crashing down to earth faster than a bridal dress malfunction. It can not only spoil your dreamy wedding, but pushes you back under stress and anxiety.

You chose days and hours to select your favorite outfit often dreamt self as the prettiest bride so don’t allow a mishap to ruin your evening. With a little planning ahead, you will be ready for anything. Here are some five fast fixes for you to save from Wardrobe malfunction on your Big Day.

  1. Emergency sewing kit: In case you have any tears or rips in your dress— having thread and a needle can quickly fix the problem. Make sure your bridesmaid keeps the kit handy with her and we are sure that every family has such aunts who can make a sewing job instantly to troubleshoot the situation.
  2. Safety Pins: Buy bunches of safety pin as they can do a great job in case a detail on a dress falls off and it needs to be secured back on or you have a sudden zipper malfunction of your blouse or lehenga or gowns.
  3. Talcum Powder: Use of talcum powder can remove oil or grease stains on fabric. It works like magic. Just dust it onto the stain and then blot it out with a tissue or cloth.”
  4. Instant Stain Remover: One can keep instant stain removers as well to say good bye to stains.
  5. Band-Aid: Face no problem in wearing hot heels matching your outfit as many complain shoe bit and blisters on using a new pair of shoes, band-aid will prevent you from them. Walk comfortably and put your best foot forward.

While planning a perfect wedding is very much achievable, unseen disasters are inevitable too. So it is always advisable to stay well equipped with resources. Good luck!