College students today are techno-freaks and rightfully so. With thousands of apps for everything under the sun, it is impossible to stay away from the lure of gadgets. While most mobile apps that students download are games and social networking ones, there are some which are incredibly helpful for college-goers. If you’re one, read on.

Well, you don’t need to be an absolute nerd to have this app in your phone! On the contrary if you’re one to forget the date of your next test or time of your lectures, you can feed the details in this app and get reminders on the go.


As students we read several books and come across words which befuddle us and we have to stop to search their meaning. makes this task a whole lot simpler.


Several colleges offer a choice of language and if you’ve chosen a language you’re learning right from scratch, this app will be your ultimate savior!


How many times do you need to convert a certain document or image into a PDF in the course of a day? If the answer is many, download this gem and get PDFs at the click of a button!


This app links your device with your bank account and thus is not just for college students. If you’re in the habit of borrowing from or lending money to your friends, do it without the hassle of dealing with cash.

Do you get easily distracted during lectures especially because of Facebook and Instagram? This app blocks certain websites for a set amount of time thus allowing you to concentrate fully on studying.

We hope you find these useful! Have more to add? Tell us in the comments below.