Technology is developing day by day, with a smart phone in hand the world is in our fingertips. The New age women are tech savvy are frequently seen hooked onto their phones, checking out various things on multiple platforms.
A study says 97% of mobile users are never away from their device. Today, women are independent and they have made their presence felt in all the work sectors. Be it a BPO employee, a doctor, a chartered accountant, a journalist, an engineer, an actor or a student.

So why not put this device to a much greater use? We are presenting a list of 5 good apps which can be helpful for every woman and makes her simpler:
1. SOS – Stay Safe-. Arm yourself with this app to reach out for help by sending an SMS and/or an email to the emergency contacts along with a one-minute voice recording, giving exact location with a simple phone shake.

2. Period Tracker– Keeps a track of your menstrual cycle as it calculates the average length of your last three cycles, so it can more accurately predict the date your flow is going to show up.

3. Nike training club-This app helps you choose your workout from 100 options and also helps you to keep a check on your calories.

4. Cab4me/Uber – Cab4me helps you to get a cab when you need it & see taxi ranks where available or you could choose the good old uber.

5. Evernote – Stay organized with this app. Comes in handy when you want to make a list or  save an essay.