When it comes to shopping for clothes, i am all about the fabric & the fit. Zara is one of those brands that understands that. There’s no doubt that some of their products might be a hit-or-miss. However, most of their products are made of high quality material. The only time i avoid Zara is during their end-of-season sale because the outlet in Mumbai looks like a war zone.

Zara makes sure to roll out their new collection in no time. As soon as a popular collection hits the runway, they try to emulate (or get “inspired” by) the design to match the tastes of the high street fashion lovers. I have always wondered how they do that as they have a number of outlets across the world. Considering the brand is in high demand, i amazed at how the company functions.  According to an article on Forbes, it takes them as little as three weeks to deliver quality merchandise. That’s quite a task!

Zara being a fast fashion brand, the customer is always aware that if they like something they should buy it then & there or they would never see it again. This explains the long cue during the end-of-season sales.

What’s your favourite clothing brand?

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{Shirt & Jeans: Zara | Heels & Hat: Forever21}

Photography: Shutterbug