One of the most exciting events occurred today – i finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and perform on stage. Although the crowd wasn’t huge or the stage wasn’t that big, it was the first step to facing something i have always avoided. I wouldn’t have written this post 10 or more years ago because dance was a part of me . After learning dance for 13 years, that’s the last thing i would think of.

As time passed by, i completely forgot about my favourite art form . Thankfully, my love for dance never died. Hence, i decided to join Zumba last year and have been practising it ever since. I am not a big fan of working out with machines i.e gym. I like to have fun while working out and hence dance seemed to be appropriate. Often times we forget to develop hobbies as adults. Being young adults in our 20s, we have saturated our lives with work & social media. Developing any type of hobby helps us to branch out & grow as an individual. Not just that, it relaxes our mind.

What’s your hobby?


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Dress & Bag: United Colors of Benetton

Photography: Vishal Hazare | Styling & Editing: Gia Kashyap