One of life’s greatest blessings is finding a job you are passionate about. If fashion is your passion, then let’s get that job!

One of the most unexciting albeit the most important part of getting employed ( in any industry for that matter) is a good RESUME. You may be the next diva employee in waiting, but if your resume doesn’t speak of your talent, there is not much anyone can do. Remember the goal of every resume is to distinguish yourself from the heap of other resumes that are piled up on every HR’s desk.

So here are a few guidelines to help you craft that stunning resume:

– Always research about the company you wish to join and understand the job description.

– Keep your resume neat, simple and organized with boxes showcasing education qualifications and skill set

– While speaking about a skill set, speak about how that skill has developed you as a person and how it will help the company

– In reverse chronological order mention your qualifications and experience – meaning list your most recent qualification or experience first.

– While writing about your experience be as descriptive as possible showcasing your skills. Use terminology like developed, improved, planned, negotiated, illustrated, promoted, handled etc



– Use terminology and words that are fashion industry specific e.g fashion designers can use words like apparel specifications, styling, designing – get the drift.

– See that your resume covers all the important topics viz address and contact details ( mobile number, email, fashion blog), education qualifications, experience, awards and accomplishments.

– Your resume should speak about WHO you are, WHAT you have done so far, WHERE you want to go and WHY you are cut out for this job.

– Proof read your resume at least 10 times. Spelling mistakes are unacceptable.

– Include references if possible.

Along with a resume, it’s always good to add a covering letter that will give a gist of all your positive attributes and what you will bring to the job. Always remember your resume should be directed to the needs and philosophy of the company you want to join.

Good Luck!