Mumbai is filled with energy and the city definitely never stops. However, i am one of those people who likes to pause from time to time and admire the world around me. As much as i like the city’s spirit, i also miss getting lost in the wilderness or the beach.

In the past few months, i have barely stepped out of Mumbai and this had taken a toll on me.  As someone who is always on-the-go, i couldn’t see myself confined to one location. The main reason i didn’t travel as much this year is due to my health. Before you start getting all worked up, i am perfectly fine. By health i meant, exercising and eating right. When i travel, i tend to forget the whole routine and go back to consuming food that isn’t necessarily healthy.

Although i miss every bit of travelling, i do understand that it’s important to set your priorities straight. As much as i would love to do everything, i need to take one step at a time. Before a year begins,  i decide on what i would do that particular year. It’s almost like every year has it’s own ‘theme’. 2015 was all about travelling whereas 2014 was all about getting out of my comfort zone. I hope i am not the only one who does that. *wink* 

Do you also set yearly goals?



IMG_2919 IMG_2827

Dress: Stalkbuylove | Heels: Asos 

Photography: Shutterbug | Concept & Styling: Gia kashyap