Being a non-fashion student & attending fashion week at 18 was a big deal. No, it wasn’t 2016. I am talking about  years ago when a teenage Gia decided to venture into the world of Fashion. I remember wearing an emerald green peplum top with my favourite skinny jeans. I paired it with a layered necklace & sky high heels. Considering i didn’t know what to expect, i over-dressed and caked on as much makeup as possible. This was years ago!

I dragged a friend along for company who supposedly wasn’t even close to liking anything related to Fashion. I nervously entered the hallway that was filled with the well-known faces of the Fashion world. The young me was overwhelmed by the amount of people and the way they dressed.On one side, i noticed gorgeous models with minimal makeup and on the other side i saw page 3 celebrities strolling around in sequin dresses and sky high heels.

Fast forward to today, the 25 year old me has been to Fashion week a couple of times. I feel it’s one of the most prestigious events where both young and established designers get to feature their work. However, my personal style has evolved into something totally unexpected. Today, i am drawn more towards whites, blacks & neutrals. I dress comfortably yet make sure that i don’t look like i just got out of bed.

On the first day of Lakme Fashion week, i decided to pair my lace top with an olive utility jacket. The 90s inspired collar necklaces helped to pull this look together. As much as i love the outdoors, the heat in Mumbai had taken a toll on us. While sitting at the garden area at St. Regis Hotel, i noticed a Lipton Green tea stall. Now if you follow me on Snapchat, you might be very well aware that i am a green tea fan. I ordered a “Pomegranate Marteani” from their menu which was quite refreshing! They had a number of other Mocktails made with Lipton green tea. Green tea not only makes you feel refreshed but is also good for your overall health as it’s loaded with antioxidants. Not just that, it also helps to improve your skin. With all these benefits, i am sure it’s going to be my “Go-to” drink this summer. Psstt..i wish i would have noted down the mocktail recipes as they were delicious!

You can read more about Lipton Green Tea HERE

IMG_9869 IMG_9875 IMG_9862 IMG_9738 IMG_9194 IMG_9786 IMG_9794 IMG_9836 IMG_9829

Lace top: Hill road, Bandra | Jacket: Forever21 | Jeans & Bag: Zara

Photography: Karanjit Narang