A girl is sweet and delicate but that doesn’t stop her from being strong. She can conquer the world with that confidence in her. Even those five days should never stop her from doing what she wants to. I am glad that sanitary napkin brands like Whisper wants to keep that confidence and smile intact and help her take that big step in life. Whisper is a brand that believes in celebrating womanhood and is urging us to#OwnThose5Days and live our lives during those 5 days as we do on any other day with confidence.

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Here’s how I #OwnThose5Days :

It’s 2016! We have progressed in so many different ways in all possible fields. Yet talking about periods is frowned upon. Why? I’ve always been a happy go lucky girl. I’m bubbly, chirpy and always excited to try new things. I love playing a sport in my free time and I absolutely love to go to the gym and workout. I’m always up and about, going to parties or spending time with my close ones. I have a diet schedule I follow everyday, with a few cheat meals here and there. Almost everything goes about perfectly until it’s that time of the month.  A week before I get my periods, I get a few unwelcomed spots on my face. I start PMSing and craving junk food. This also includes the bloating & body ache. It’s natural! All girls go through this. It’s how our body functions but if we have a superior quality sanitary napkin like the New Whisper Ultra we need not worry about unnecessary leaks/stains as it offers 5 times better protection than ordinary pads.

During this time of the month I try not to be too hard on myself and take it easy. Yes, I do indulge in a lot of sweets but I balance it out by drinking a lot of water and jasmine tea to help reduce the bloating. I go easy on the heavy exercises and instead practice Yoga. Yoga helps to reduce my body pain and also helps me de-stress. I still continue to do the same work on a daily basis because why should anything hold me back? It’s a natural body cycle, which is no different than any other.

So keep your head high and treat it like just another day because these 5 days are part of you. They’re a part of being a woman.

I #OwnThose5Days by being confident and care free. Do you?