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BIBA has come up with yet another gripping digital film for the #Changeisbeautiful campaign. After its powerful message on gender prejudice in arranged marriages, has come up with yet another gripping digital film on Dowry-a social iniquity which is still prevalent in our society. The film was launched on the eve of International Women’s day to mark the day and to send out a strong message.

The second film draws attention towards the mindset of the older generation, who still believe that dowry is the birthright of every groom on account of merely being a man. It showcases an average age couple who just have fixed a match for their son and a grandmother who still believes in seeking dowry; the reaction of the couple to this demand will leave the audience amused.

The film subtly talks about the change that is slowly occurring in the minds of people as they realize that deep-rooted practices like dowry are archaic in value and hold no relevance in today’s vastly progressive world. This change in attitude has not just transpired in the bride’s family but also in the groom’s family.

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