It’s 2016 and a picture for every little thing is a must. Be it an OOTD, food, architecture, nature, or just simply a selfie. Getting a good picture has become the ultimate struggle. From clicking 100 pictures to get a perfect one, then to select one from so many, and after all this to edit it in an eye pleasing way! It’s so much of a task.

Here are a few simple tips for editing a picture to make all this work easier:


  1. Bring an object in focus. And use a colorful background or objects around it to highlight it.
  2. Use subtle filters and use them at 50% of their original intensity. Don’t over edit a picture. instagram-tips
  3. Composition of a picture is important. Make sure everything within the frame compliments each other and does not contradict.
  4. Don’t use fancy borders or stickers on the picture. The image in its natural form looks the best.
  5. For dull looking images, increase the exposure and the contrast to brighten up with picture.2
  6. For food pictures you can increase the sharpness and that helps to bring out the texture of the food and makes it look more appealing.


Here are a few great photo editing apps you can download to make your pictures stand out:

  1. VSCO – free for iOS and android
  2. After light – ₹60 for iOS and android
  3. Camera 360 – free for iOS and android
  4. Lightroom (by Adobe) – free for iOS and android
  5. PhotoGrid – free for iOS and android (good for making collages)

We hope this will help you to upgrade your insta-game!