When my relatives  ask me what i do for a living, i usually say “Blogging” and let it go. I avoid getting into details because i am aware that they won’t understand. One day, i remember how a random stranger asked me what i did for a living and told me whether Blogging is just about looking good.

There is no right way to Blog. While some may be satisfied with a blog or social media feed filled with selfies others may not. It’s not wrong that one decides to just post selfies and the other doesn’t. However, the one thing i always get disappointed by is when brands group thousands of bloggers under one category. I strongly believe that although the term “Blogging” might mean the same, the type of content each blogger brings to the table is completely different. At times, i receive an email cc’ed to a million bloggers. Such emails go straight to my spam box. This is exactly the time of emails that keep reminding me that brands often overlook the quality of the blogs. They often fail to study the market and bombard bloggers with generic emails.

I might call myself lucky because i started way back in 2010 so i have seen the blogging world bloom into something totally unexpected. Today, the number of instagram followers one has is more important than the website rank/page views. The one line caption accompanied with a selfie is more important than an image with a beautiful composition and a 250 word article.

A Blogger can play various roles. In my case, i am a graphic designer, i conceptualise and direct  shoots & edit images/videos. Then again, according to the world, a “Blogger” is someone who attends events & hoards on freebies. Every blogger has his/her own niche and way of blogging.  The only thing i wish is that Indian brands recognised the same and contacted bloggers accordingly.


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{T-shirt: Forever21 | Jacket: Stalkbuylove | Jeans & Heels: Asos | Watch: Marc Jacobs}

Photography: The Orange Booth | Concept/ Styling: Gia Kashyap