Everyone wants a lipstick that lasts longer on the lips. Softer shades fade faster whereas bright and dark colours last longer because they have more pigment.


Lip care:

You need to keep your lips hydrated and plump, after all a good base for a product will ensure that the application is smooth and lasts longer. Drink enough water though out the day and keep them soft by applying lip balm/ moisturizer regularly. Darker shades contain a lot of pigment and matte lipsticks tend to dry out your lip over time. Thus it’s important to apply a lip balm before applying lipstick


To ensure that your lipstick lasts longer, exfoliate the dead and flakey skin on your lips using a lip scrub or a lip exfoliator. You can either buy a lip exfoliator or make a scrub at home.



You can use a lip primer or a lip liner works as well. You can apply concealer or foundation as a primer as well.


Lip liner:

Lip liners are a little drier than the lipsticks, which are formulated in a creamier way. So using a liner makes sure that the lipstick stays within it’s boundaries and does not run off the lip. Lip liner also works as a primer because of its waxy base so the lipstick adheres to it.

Blot and re-apply:

After applying lipstick, blot it with a tissue and apply another layer. Blotting helps remover the excess oils and makes the pigment stick well to the lip. Applying another layer of lipstick on top increases the pigment concentration that makes the colour pop.


Powder it:

Dust translucent powder over the lipstick so that it sets and doesn’t smudge. You can also use powder from a compact and sponge it over the top and use a Q-tip to powder around the edges of your lip.