i am elated to present the first part of the three part Makeup series that i recently worked on. This is a personal project that i wanted to undertake since a year and i finally got the chance to execute it.

Valentine’s day is one of those days when you’re reminded about your relationship status. It’s one of those days when brands bombard you with offers, your social media feed is filled with cheesy photos & videos and the television is flooded with romantic movies. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, some of us await the 14th of February whereas some of us detest it.

Whether you love or despise V-day, here’s something we created for the strong independent woman in you who irrespective of being in relationship or single takes time out of her day to look her best.


Dramatic double-winged eyeliner, muted pink eyeshadow &  Deep red matte lips


Colorbar perfect match primer

L’oreal true match foundation

Bharat and Dorris orange concealer

Lord & Taylor eyeshadow palette

Bharat and Dorris bronzer

Bharat and Dorris highlighter

Bharat and Dorris loose powder

Drugstore False lashes

Duo Lash glue

Maybelline colossal eyeliner

Nyx Matte lip cream in Monte Carlo


  • It’s always important to prep your skin. So make sure to use a good moisturizer after you wash your face.
  • Start off with a primer and then move to the foundation. Apply the foundation using your fingers as that’s the easiest and the most efficient way.
  • Use a loose powder under your eyes before you do your eye makeup so if there are any fall outs, you can dust it off.
  • For the eye makeup, begin with an eyeshadow primer. Then move on to the eyeshadow. We chose a pink eyeshadow as it’s fun and goes well with the theme.
  • Blend in the eyeshadow. You can also use 2 or more colours to enhance the look
  • Instead of the usual single wing, we went for the double winged eyeliner look
  • Apply some glue to your false lashes and wait for 30 secs. Once you’re done sticking the lashes, fill in the gaps between your real and false lashes using an eyeliner.
  • Dust off the loose powder under your eyes and apply the orange concealer. Set it with powder.
  • Create a fish face and apply some bronzer. Make sure to blend it well.
  • Apply highlighter to enhance your cheekbones.
  • Once that’s done, all you need is a tiny bit of blush.
  • Fill your lips with a deep red lipstick & you’re done!


B87A3526 B87A3519 B87A3550 B87A3573 B87A3580 B87A3596 B87A3598B87A3606
gia-kashyap B87A3665 gia-kashyap gia-kashyapB87A3745

Photography: Karanjit Narang | Makeup: Soumya Mahuvakar | Concept & Styling: Gia Kashyap