8.00 AM

My day usually starts with a bowl of fruits & muesli and a glass of Green tea. When it comes to my hair, I usually tie it into a messy bun. In the shower, you will find the BBLUNT Full on Volume Shampoo and Conditioner which is suitable for tresses that lack volume. I use it from my time to time because my hair is moody and at times it tends to look flat and it gives me a lift and bounce while retaining moisture all day. Once I am out of the shower, I move on to makeup. My everyday makeup usually involves a winged eyeliner and coral lips.

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9.00 AM

Styling wavy/curly hair can be tricky. Considering my hair has a mind of it’s own, the straightening effect doesn’t last for long unless I use a good flat iron. Hence, I use the BBLUNT Linear II Professional Hair Straightener to tame those waves. I understand that embracing your natural texture is very important but at times we all need some change. Here’s a little story – I had carried the BBLUNT Hair straightener with me to Goa two months ago. Goa is known for it’s hot & humid weather. Humidity = frizzy hair. However, I was surprised how my hair stayed smooth and straight for a very long time. Ever since, I have ditched other straighteners and have faithfully been using the BBLUNT one.





11.00 AM

This is the time of the day when I either go for meetings, shoots or work on projects on my laptop. It always feels good to go to a café and work as there’s a change of environment. Throughout the day, I usually let my hair loose and let it be the way it wants to be. I like to work in a casual and relaxed state of mind as that’s when I’m most productive. My makeup is minimal, my hair down and my head up high.



7.00 PM

In the evening, I usually go out with friends or family. Considering I workout in the night, I usually take another shower. This means restyling my hair. I usually leave it as it is or curl it and add some BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to finish the look. Nothing beats glossy hair!

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Photography: Karanjit Narang | Concept/Styling: Gia Kashyap