I took a short break from posting on the blog because i was busy creating content. I have worked on some exciting stories that i will publish throughout the first few months of this year. About this article – this would officially be the first Black & White shoot on the blog. I decided to make it Black and White because the review isn’t about the colours but solely about the service.


I get a manicure once every 2 weeks because I don’t prefer painting my own nails as painting my right hand is a task!  You might have noticed that as i post about it on Snapchat quite often. However, when you have a busy schedule and are too lethargic to hit the salon, here’s one way you can get the job done – Call the beautician home! I recently tried the Housejoy app that provides a variety of Beauty and Household services with a click of a button. From Beauticians to Carpenters, you can hire them all!

Here are a couple of steps that were involved in availing the service:

– I booked the service from the HouseJoy app and also selected a convenient time

– Once that was done, I received call and a message to confirm about my appointment

-The beautician Priya called a day earlier to re-confirm my address

Priya, reached my house on time and started prepping for the service immediately. Like I mentioned earlier, I got a manicure and a Facial. If you would ask me which one was better, I would definitely pick the Lotus Facial as it was extremely relaxing after a long day. I highly appreciate professional individuals and Priya was one of those people who was extremely skilful & didn’t waste a single minute.

I believe that people should use technology to their advantage and this is one way to do that. Considering all it takes is to download a Mobile app to get access to a variety of services, it’s definitely worth it.

You can download the HouseJoy app HERE

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Photography: Karanjit Narang