Firstly to prevent your eyes from creasing make sure to use an eye primer. To create these looks chose a gel eyeliner or any other liquid eyeliner which helps you have a steady grip.

Our personal favourite eyeliners are:

Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner 

Colorbar Waterproof liquid liner 

Basic Eyeliner – Simply apply the eyeliner across the natural shape of your eye. This look can be your everyday go to for college/ school or even at work.

Basic Bold Eyeliner – Line the natural shape of your eye just like you would in a basic eyeliner and instead of leaving the lines thin , dense them up to be slightly thicker. This look is a midway between being too subtle and being too dramatic.

Winged Eyeliner – Line your natural eye shape and once you are at the outer corner begin towing it out in proportion to wear your eye brow ends. Smoothly merge the winged out line to the natural line you have created. This look is quite a classic and can help you add some drama to your eyes.

Double Winged Eyeliner – Once you have achieved the basic winged eyeliner, from the outer corner of your eye draw a line in parallel to the wing. Make sure to leave some space between the original winged liner. This style is quite simple and it can be carried off for an evening party or a wedding

Cat-eyed eyeliner – This look is a combination of a basic and a winged eyeliner. After you attain the winged eyeliner colour the surface of the wing edge to the natural shape in a thicker stretch. Form a triangular look to the end. Apply some dark coloured Eyeshadow to further enhance the look.

Upward Double Winged Liner – Make a basic winged eyeliner, and from the edge of the winged liner stretch the line onto the crease of your upper eye lid. This look is very bold, dramatic and extremely stylish.

Dropped Flick Look – Just like a basic eyeliner, line across the natural shape of your eye and look as well and can be a part of a quick eye makeup extend the line slightly downwards instead of edging it out upwards. This is a very everyday routine.

Fish Style Eyeliner – This style is a combination of two looks. Firstly make a basic winged eyeliner and then combine this look with a Liner down look. From the outer edge of your eye,at a center point giving it a shape of a fish tail. stretch the line downwards and join both the wings eyeliner on the upper lid, draw a thick line on to the lower lid as well. Make both the lines