Trends are critical to design and every industry and in the past decade, have been influencing a mix of creativity, craft and storytelling.


WGSN – a leader in Fashion Trend Forecasting and Analysis have developed trends for 3 consumer tribes. One of the tribes are fable seekers. These are people who are tapping into forgotten tales, ancient roots and alternative communities to re-ignite their contemporary lives. This consumer tribe closely looks for Emotive design trend that redefines and reinterprets storytelling in a unique form. A royal interpretation of this in jewellery is the Dream catcher earrings. The design and craftsmanship transforms a simple metal into something beautiful, with a deep meaning. Since every jewellery piece has a story of its own, read on to more about a stunning expression in platinum that depicts heritage.


One such brand who has lived up to portray such a concept is the award winning platinum ORRA earrings. The finest and premier jewellery brand in the, “2015 Retail jewellery award event”, Orra portrays pure appreciation for skilled craftsmanship. If you are a woman who desires to  wear contemporary designs but yet have a certain cultural factor associated with it , the enchanting Dream catcher earring by ORRA is a must have design. Drawing inspiration from the Native American culture, the Dream Catcher earring is one such piece of Platinum jewellery that will definitely help enhance your personality and make a very present-day and distinctive style statement.

You can dazzle through the New Year’s Eve dinner party, wearing a gorgeous black flowy gown with some soft curls and allow the diamond drops and the intricately designed feathers and net of the Dream Catcher earring to make you feel like a million dollar. Also, if you plan to be the Secret Santa for your loved ones, the Dream Catcher earrings prove to be the best option for gifting. Crafted in eternal platinum these earrings remain a timeless and very elegant piece of jewellery which will not fail to make any woman look any less than a dream.

So this festive season, build up an aura of strength, protection & positivity with the Dream Catcher earring and make it an enchanting December to Remember.

Dream Catcher Earrings crafted in Eternal platinum by ORRA   (2) (1)