Cocktail parties are one of those events in the marriage festivities which help brides to ease up a little and divert their focus slightly away from the traditional marriage ceremonies to something which is modern. We are sure you as a modern bride would want to feel extremely comfortable but yet look stylish for your cocktail night.

Having said that , we can all agree upon the fact that styling for cocktail night becomes quite a task since one does not want to look very minimal but or over the top. Hence for all you to be brides, the only way to achieve the midway to perfection is to find a balance in the two.

For maintaining the same be sure to wear minimal makeup and hair if your outfit is heavy and it is very important to choose your jewellery accurately. If you have to mark a midway between choosing jewellery which is too heavy or to light, you can choose to wear platinum. Platinum is one such metal which always gives a very subtle yet classy look. It will instantly add a spark of grace to you evening and your outfit. Moreover it is light weighted and would make you feel comfortable to sway with the tunes of music.

For all the brides who find the idea of wearing platinum jewellery convincing, Evara Platinum jewellery collection is then, definitely a must have in your closet. Evara Platinum is a bridal jewellery collection with contemporary and intricate designs. They offer a varied range of jewellery which include necklace sets, bangles, bracelets and much more. Their pieces of jewellery are extremely light weighted and their designs are unique which is surely going to help you stand out from the crowd on your special night and make you feel beautiful. Here are a few ways you could style your cocktail outfits using Evara Jewellery.

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