The consequently lined up music festivals taking place in the coming months surely does bring in an exciting rush of adrenaline among all of us , but along with that it leaves tough questions with regard to what clothes to wear , and how to accessorize them? You’d be happy to know I found a few solutions to this massive question!

So we took a short tour around Colaba Causeway and to our surprise we found some really edgy and stylish sunglasses at affordable prices, which would help bring more excitement to your outfit.

1. The Golden Mercury Sunglasses :

These intricately rimmed sunglasses are fun, edgy and help you stand out amidst the colourful environment at the music festival.

Price: Rs 200

Store: Stall opposite a store called Tantra Tee-shirts


2. The Pink Eye Candy Sunglasses:

For all you “super girly” girls, these wide oval shaped shades will allow you to embrace

the outgoing and cheerful side of you and add on as pop to your outfit.

Price: Rs 200

Store: Stall opposite a store called Tantra Tee-shirts


3. The Black Broad Rimmed Sunglasses:

If you’re into bringing the “Old School Style” back, these broad rimmed shades are

your perfect go to! The beautiful blue abstract accent of the blue design on the side rim

certainly adds on to some pop in the old school style!

Price: Rs 250

Store: Stall opposite Nike


4. The Boho Floral Sunglasses :

Crop Top – Check!

Printed shorts – Check!

Colourful Hand Jewellery – Check!

What’s left?

Exactly! These really quirky and fun floral broad rimmed sunglasses to give you a perfect Boho look that can keep you excited to groove on to the musical night!

Price: Rs 250

Store: Stall opposite Nike


5. The Classic Black:

Indeed there are few of us, who love remaining to the classics and get less experimental and these circular golden rimmed sunglasses will help you bring out the classic feel. With these Classic Back Sunnies you could go all black for the music night or team up a contrasting outfit.

Price: Rs 180

Store: Stall opposite Bana Thai Spa