The sky has it’s very own way of speaking to me through its iridescent colours.
I have always wondered what it reminded me of & then I came to the conclusion that it is reminiscent of the stunning colours of the vivacious & graceful bird, Peacock.
We worked with Bluestone recently to feature their new Peacock collection. I wanted to visually immerse you in a world of Emerald, Turquoise, Purple & Blue. It’s almost like a daydream, isn’t it?
Bluestone recently celebrated the launch of Blue book, a contemporary lookbook that aims to showcase how the jewellery can be worn in the best manner. It’s a Style guide for some of the most important occasions in our lives & is divided into 3 sections – Festive, Romance & Work wear.
 You can view the Peacock collection by Bluestone HERE

Behind the scenes:

After exchanging a couple of references & a brainstorming session, I created a
concept that revolves around portraying the colours of the sky. As you might be aware, i love creating mood boards prior to every shoot. Some shoots are planned well in advance whereas i work on some at the last minute. Locations play a very important role to me and so does the lighting. For this shoot, i woke up at 4.30 AM in the morning and we started the shoot at around 6.30 AM. I prefer morning shoots over evening ones as the lighting seems to be just perfect during the day. When it comes to Makeup, i always go for the Winged eyeliner look. However, this time i added a dash of purple Eye shadow as it fits perfectly well with the colours in the photos.
{Photography & Editing – Karanjit Narang | Concept & Creative Direction – Gia Kashyap)