When i was about 10 yrs old, i always wondered how celebrities got the ‘Glossy-almost-perfect-goddess-like’ hair. I thought they were born with it but little did my mini-self know that a bunch of professional stylists & products worked on their mane for hours to give them the gorgeous locks. Now, we have hundreds of products available in the market to give us the desired look at home. All it takes is the eagerness to learn & the skills to create something magnificent.

This year i was at Lakme Fashion week with TIGI. TIGI Bedhead is dear to me as i have been using their products even before i collaborated with them. The first time i came across their products is when i was 17. It was in one of those stores that used to stock up on imported items. I quickly noticed a huge bottle that said ‘TIGI Bedhead Dumb Blonde’. I was quite intrigued by the unique packaging & the names of TIGI products. I finally decided to purchase it and boy, was i impressed! My hair felt like silk after using the thick conditioner.

At Lakme Fashion Week, i quickly went to the LFW Apartment to get my hair done. I had blow dried my hair straight and i was wondering what type of up do i would like to go for. The hairstylist suggested the ‘TIGI S WAVES’.  After applying some products that smelled like heaven, he began to style my hair with a curling iron. If you notice, he has clipped each curled hair so that they cool down. Once the hair cooled down, he removed all the bits and brushed it off to loosen up the waves.

There’s no better way to give yourself a makeover than changing your hair. Hair colour also helps to enhance your features. After i got my hair done, i went to the TIGI Copyright Colour launch event with Andy Cheong. He showcased 2 looks he had created for Indian girls. One was a warmer look with aubergine & copper shades in it & the other one was cool with ash brown colours. These hair colours are ammonia-free & are available in permanent and semi-permanent formulas.  It will soon be available in salons across Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. You can check their entire range HERE

They also had a DIY session featuring 5 looks indian girls can wear.  From Faux bob to romantic waves, they covered it all! After seeing the photos, i realized that my personal favourite would definitely be the faux bob as it’s so experimental & fun!

Overall, i had quite an enjoyable ‘TIGI’ experience at Lakme Fashion Week. Now all i need is a TIGI expert who can style my hair every single day.




Photography : Sajna Sivan