In recent years, i have always chosen quality versus quantity in clothing. The ability of a dress or a shirt to stay with you for a longer period not only depends on the quality but also the way you take care of it. I treat clothes like living beings, if that makes sense. If you’re Fashion-forward & have variety of clothes that you love in your wardrobe & aren’t aware of how to take care of it, this post is dedicated to you. Well, if you do know how to takecare of your “Fancy” pieces, pick up a few tips from here to extend your wardrobe’s lifeline.

Quality > Quantity

Like i mentioned earlier, it’s not about getting over-priced clothing but clothes that actually create a foundation to your wardrobe. If you don’t have the time, purchase fabrics that require the least amount of care.

Read Care label

We often forget to read the ‘Care’ label as we take things for granted. Reading the care label helps you to take care of your clothes more efficiently.  For example, at times certain types of garments might need Hand wash or others might need Machine wash in cold water.

Iron with Care

We all dream of a creaseless cotton shirt without putting in any effort, don’t we? In that case, I got a chance to try the Maharaja Whiteline Preciso garment steamer which quickly & efficiently removes all the wrinkles. Not just that, it’s quite simple to operate. Once i started the machine, it got ready in about 1-2 minutes. All i had to do was hang my clothing on the door hook that comes with the steamer & start ironing. It also comes with a Fabric Brush, Upholstery brush, Lint Pad & a Crease attachment. Preciso is helpful because designer garments need a lot of care & not all of us have the time to rush to the dry cleaner now & then. Other than vertical ironing experience, it also removes lint & odour.

Interested? You can check it out HERE

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{Photography – The Orange Booth}