As you might be aware, i visited Coimbatore with Zone by the Park recently. One of my favourite place from the entire trip was the Flower Market. Flowers have always been close to my heart. If someone hands over a bunch of roses & apologizes, i immediately would forgive them. Thanks to flowers and it’s convincing skills. When i visited the Flower Market i felt like a kid in a candy story. So many vibrant colours but so little time. I was overwhelmed by the pile of flowers in every corner. It could last a lifetime!

A friendly lady asked me to join her inside the little shop. Then she just grabbed her purse & handed over her visiting card to me. She was one charming woman! Other than that, the sellers at the Flower Market were extremely friendly.  Will i be visiting Tamil Nadu soon? Maybe. I would love to visit Chennai sometime soon as i have heard a lot about the delicious food there.

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{Photography – Karanjit Narang}