You know your hair brushes & combs and think that this is all you need to know about hair styling then you can’t be more wrong. There is a lot more that you can do with your tresses to look even better. OK, maybe you use rollers once in a while but use of heat styling tools gives you more options to experiment with your looks.

Take a look at the basic hair styling tools that you have got to have-

Blow Dryer

If you are new to hair tools, start with a blow dryer. As the name suggests, it is used to dry hair quickly but there is more to hair dryer. You can use a blow dryer to give volume to your hair. Perfectly blow dried hair make you look like a bombshell ala Kate Middleton. Blow dryers with ion technology are great as they give shine to hair and cause less damage.

Choose high heat setting if you are styling your hair and seal with the cool air setting. For regular drying moderate heat or even cool air is enough. So grab a hair dryer and you will never need to rush out of home with wet hair. Choose a blow dryer that has a nozzle attachment to target the heat accurately.


-Philips has a good range of blow dryers and the brand is affordable as well.

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– Babyliss is a wise option as well because they’re on the pricier side but their products are worth every penny. Available HERE

Hair Curler

This is another great hair tool to have. It can be used to create ringlets, big curls or waves in hair. Regardless of whether you have straight or curly hair, invest in a good hair curler. Your straight tresses will get a complete makeover when you curl them. Curly hair gets more defined curls with a curling rod.

Curlers come in different barrel sizes. Smaller the barrel, tighter the curls.



-Remington hair curlers are among the most popular. They make your curls stay for a long time. Available HERE

-Babyliss hair curlers are used by some of the top hairstylist in the world. Available HERE

Hair Straightener

A straightening iron is indispensible for the girls who like sleek hair. Your frizzy hair can be given an elegant, shiny look with a straightener. If you have naturally straight hair, still you need a straightener to get perfectly straight and glossy mane. Straightener can even be used to create flicks and light waves. If your hair is extra frizzy then a great trick is to first straighten them and then curl them to achieve the shiniest and most manageable curls.


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Cons of Hairstyling Tools

Well, for one you can burn your skin if you are not careful while using a curler or straightener. Keep your head still and take help of a mirror while styling your hair. Try the hair tools first without turning on the heat just to get the hang of it. There are ear-protectors available that cover ear and prevent them from getting burnt if the iron touches them accidentally.

The biggest con of these hairstyling tools is the damage caused by heat. There are a few ways with which you can minimize the hair damage. We have listed some of them for you-

How to protect your hair from heat damage

Heat Protection Products

There are many products available in market that can be applied to hair prior to heat styling and they form a shield between hair and heat. Pick products that provide protection at least up to the temperatures your tools are heated.

You can try heat protection spray from Schwarzkopf to protect your hair from getting fried by heat styling.

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Choose the best

You must pick hairstyling equipments that are the best in the category. A ceramic coating is considered the safest.

Get equipments that have a variety of heat settings. Fine hair need lower temperatures compared to thicker. But do not go for too high temperature in any case if you are not a professional.

Repair the damage

If you haven’t been careful with the use of heating tools then your hair will get damaged sooner than later. You can take help of professional hair treatments to get rid of dull and frizzy hair caused by careless styling. You can use homemade deep conditioners as well and try hot oil massages.

So girls, do get these hairstyling tools but use them with caution and you will have amazing hair.