We were invited by The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort  in Goa to stay with them for 4 days. I was accompanied by my photographer Siddhi, who was equally excited about this trip! If you follow me on Snapchat (ID: Gia Kashyap), you might know already know all about it.

While the dreaded rains didn’t show any mercy while we reached the Lalit, the warm welcome by the charming Lalit team who waited for us at the entrance made up for it. We were welcomed with a garland & a bindi. Who can forget the bouquet? Mr.Ankur handed over a gorgeous bunch of flowers to me. Remember the last time i was at The Lalit? History repeats itself!

We were transported to our room in a Golf car. Mr.Rohit was kind enough to recheck on whether we were doing fine. He was the point of contact during our stay. As it was almost late evening when we reached the resort,  we couldn’t look around. However, that was compensated by a tour of the huge property the very next day. When i entered my room, i was mind blown by the beauty of it. The rooms were inspired by the Portugese culture. Not only were the roofs high, the rooms were huge as compared to other hotels. The sea-view & the private sit out area made it even better!

At the restaurant, Mr.Sebastio guided us throughout our stay. He requested the Chef to make special dishes for us.  We were pampered the typical ‘Lalit’ way.  After being mesmerized by the wide spread Buffet, we got back to our rooms. Guess what we found there? A plate full of carrot cakes. (Just because we had told them that we love Carrot cake!)

Not only that, we also had a private ‘Salad making session’ with the Head Chef & the Executive chef. He also gave us some tips & tricks on how to eat healthy! Dinner at Sirocco was an entire experience by itself. A candle-light dinner table was set facing the beautiful view of the hotel and the food kept coming! One of the dishes we personally loved was the ‘Bread fruit fry’.

At Lalit in Goa, they also had a number of activities like Golf, Table tennis, Badminton, Jet skiing & more. To start off with, we tried playing Golf.  Golf is generally mistaken as a sport only played by older Men. Ms.Esha Kumar who has more than 15 years of experience in Golf, taught us the basics. We learnt a thing or two in between giggles & high fives.  I couldn’t believe that i wasn’t actually that bad at it as i thought i would be. She made it seem so easy! I also drove the Golf car on my way back. That was my first time driving anything remotely close to a ‘Car’.

Our stay at the Lalit resort in Goa was like a dream vacation. Not only was the property so breath-taking, the staff went out of their way to fulfill our needs.  For example, Mr.Sebastio packed us food so we can eat something on our way as our flight was early in the morning. The personal attention given by the staff combined with the surreal surroundings made it for a perfect trip!

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{Photography: The Orange Booth | Post-Processing: Gia Kashyap}