Yes, there are many differences between bronzing and contouring. Many girls use the term interchangeably and probably even follow a mash-up of techniques. Here we have tried to solve all your doubts regarding these two popular makeup techniques-


Bronzing Basics

First of all, keep in mind that the purpose of bronzing is to make you look sun-kissed. It just adds some glow to face and gives a healthy look if done correctly. Bronzer gives you a beautifully tanned look. Bronzer is especially great for pale skin as it gives much needed color but even darker skins look beautiful with some bronzing.

Bronzer can be matte or shimmery but nothing that has a lot of chunky glitter. It is applied on those areas of face where sunlight falls naturally, the areas that get tanned quickly under the sun. The areas for bronzer application are your hairline, the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of nose and near the tip of chin.

Now you might be wondering about the right shades of bronzing. Match the shade of bronzer to your natural tan. A bronzer can be about two shades darker that your skin tone. If it’s too dark, you will look dull and sunburned. Always use bronzer sparingly to avoid looking muddy.

Undertones of the bronzer are also very important. Women with darker skin tones can easily pick bronzers that are orange-y as it will add warmth to skin. Light skins should pick bronzers that are neutral with just slightest hint of warmth.


Contouring Chronicles

The job of contouring is to make your face look chiseled. It can make round cheeks look defined and a broad nose look slimmer. Contouring creates shadows on face.

Unlike bronzers, contour should be matte. Contouring is used to create shadows so anything shimmery will contradict the purpose. The areas of face that you can contour are- sides of forehead, under cheekbones (the hollows of cheeks), sides of nose and under jaw-line. You can also contour your hairline for a defined forehead. If you want to hide double chin, then sweep some contouring product under your chin.

A very easy way to go about basic contouring is to draw an ‘E’ on the sides of your face. The ‘E’ should start on the temples and move on to the hollows of cheeks. End the ‘E’ on your jawline.

You can use cream or powder contouring products depending on your preference. Contour shade can be 2-4 shades darker that your natural complexion. Do not go too dark with contouring as well. Contouring is not supposed to add any warmth to skin so darker skins should pick contour shade with cool undertones and light skinned girls will look best with a neutral contour color.

With both bronzing and contouring, blending is of utmost importance. Harsh lines will kill your look so make sure that you blend your makeup perfectly.

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Which one do you prefer? Bronzing or Contouring?