Escape into the Wild – a place where you won’t be judged- a place to transcend into your own thoughts. I have always been close to nature. Although i would love to keep travelling to beaches & hill stations, work keeps me grounded, it gets me back to reality.

This collaboration with United Colors of Benetton  says a lot about what i wanted to portray through vibrant visuals. I wanted to mix the stunning colours of the trees with the electrifying hues of the outfit. The combination of bright pink with orange gives a refreshing twist to the entire look. I get fascinated by the colours around me and that’s exactly what happened when i picked up this dress & cardigan from the Benetton store. They were like two peas in a pod, so different yet so similar that they blended well together!

I hope you guys enjoy going through the images as much as i enjoyed working on them.


During the day of the shoot, we prayed to the rain gods that it should be a sunny day. Boy, were we wrong about it! Halfway through the shoot, the Rain Gods decided to do their job & we were almost about to get drenched but the mighty Banyan tree above us protected us from all the sorrow this would have resulted to. After prepping for days, cancelling a shoot is the last thing anyone would want to do! My dedicated photographer Siddhi, patiently shot me even if it rained or if her leg was halfway covered with mud. I walked barefoot on mud that was freshly soaked in rainwater with all kinds of insects in it for about 2-3 hours.  I didn’t mind that at all as sometimes it’s good to be in touch with Earth (Literally!)

Dress & Cardigan from Benetton

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{Photography & Editing: The Orange BoothCreative Direction/Concept & Styling: Gia Kashyap }

*In Collaboration with United Colors of Benetton