Who remembers the ‘Favourite five’ series i used to post way back in 2012? Well… i thought of starting over & giving you guys an exclusive preview into my makeup bag.  However, this list has crossed its limit. I like more than 5 products this month & i am happy to share it with you all!!

Chanel Vitalumiere Fluide de teint foundation

I have spoken about it in my ‘Get ready with me’ post. This has to be one of my favourite purchases. I have used a number of foundations but this one beats them all! What could be the reason i wondered? Well, i realised that i gravitate towards products that have a lighter coverage.This foundation in particular gives a very natural finish and matches my skin tone perfectly.

Bobbi Brown Smokey eyes Mascara

Little did i know that i would fall in love with this one! At times i feel like a traitor because i was so loyal to my ‘Maxfactor false lash effect mascara’. Then came Bobbi brown to steal my heart away! The short wand helps to apply the mascara precisely. I just wish this was waterproof as well!

Chanel Le Beiges Healthy glow sheer powder

Some people use this as a bronzer (darker shade) while others use it as a compact powder to touch up from time to time. The brush comes in handy but at times i do miss the good old makeup sponge. However, i have noticed that this product does give me the much needed glow. It’s very subtle yet noticeable.

MAC Please me Lipstick

Never did i ever imagine that i would wear a light ‘Pink’ lipstick until i came across this one. One of the Store assistants at the Mac store in Lower parel suggested this one. After contemplating for about 4 months (Yes, i take that long to decide on whether to buy a lipstick!), i finally picked this one up. Initially, i felt like it washed me out but once i applied two coats and dabbed it with a tissue paper it looked great! I also mentioned about my top 6 favourite lipsticks HERE on Roposo.

Bobbi brown Tinted under eye brightener

Again, i am not a big fan of thick concealers or foundations. This one is amazing indeed! Extremely light but does the job of brightening your under eye area.

Bobbi brown Shimmer brick Compact in Bronze

In my teenage years, i always wondered what celebrities did to enhance those cheekbones. Most of them had perfect cheekbones & when the camera flash hit them, you could see their cheeks magically glow. Once i entered my 20s, i found the secret behind it! If you want your cheeks to glow, use this product. Not a lot, just a little.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar

This is a wonderful product that lasts on your cheeks for quite sometime. The colour is also suitable for everyday wear.

Rimmel Scandal eyes Mascara

Other than the eye catching packaging, this mascara has a lot to provide. For a reasonable price, you can get clump-free long lashes.

I am aware that most of the products are either from Bobbi Brown or Chanel because these are the only two brands i have been using for the past few months. I do not shop for makeup products that often. The ones i have mentioned above are the products  i swear by! If i ever come across better ones, i would be making a new list. For now, this should suffice.

Also, the customized monogrammed bag was a gift from Princess K. Isn’t it just ideal to store makeup!

Tell me all about your favourite Makeup products. Did you discover any new products recently?


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