Let’s talk about one of the most important beauty topics – Hair removal (Wait, i can see you cringe!). While some of us prefer to wax them off, others find shaving to be more useful.  When i was in my teens, i remember shaving my leg in a hurry with soap instead of a Shaving Gel. Don’t even ask me about what happened the very next day. My legs were full of bumps, nicks & cuts. It was painful indeed! While going to Salon can be an option, most of find shaving to be an easy way out.

When it comes to Shaving, it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. Not only are you supposed to be very careful and take enough care of your skin prior to the process but you’re also supposed invest in appropriate products to avoid any after-effects. Shaving as compared to other hair removal methods turns out to be cheaper & can give you instant results. Not only that, it’s portable & there’s barely any skin damage, if done correctly.

Here are 5 steps on how to Shave better:

– About 2-3 days prior to shaving, make sure to Exfoliate your arms & legs. This gets rid of dead skin cells & helps to avoid ingrown hair.

– Shave after taking a warm shower as it will open up your pores.

– Make sure to switch your blade if it looks dull. Disposable blades are the best! You can find them HERE

– Don’t be stingy when it comes to the Shaving cream! Apply an ample amount of it all over your legs for a smooth shave.

– When you shave, make sure your angle is correct. Shave in the direction of the growth to minimize ingrown hair.

It’s been almost 30  days since i started using  the ‘Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for Sensitive skin’! It has made hair removal easier than before & i have noticed a huge difference. I have surprisingly started to enjoy the process of shaving unlike before when i was too scared to do so. This is mainly because the Gel doesn’t allow your skin to get any cuts or bumps. ‘Yay’ for a smooth shave!

Where to find these products?

You can purchase the Shave Gel & the Razor {Gift Pack} HERE.

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